Today, maintaining quality in education is not an obligation but a commitment that the school has made to society and it should stand by it. It is well known that assessing quality is so difficult, especially in the field of education where the products are intangible.

However, there are few indices available that can serve as pointers to the status and the direction in which an educational institution is functioning. Strategum is committed to facilitate nurturing of quality teaching-learning in Schools and offers a unique year-long academic support for Schools.

Strategum Eduserve also offers professional services related to yearlong “Academic Support, Systems & Educational Training” (ASSET) to enhance the level of quality education in established schools.

The following are the deliverables under the Yearlong Academic Support Program

  • 100 hours of Teacher Training program for capacity building
  • Academic Support in curriculum, value added services, parents engagement and student development
  • Assist in compliance with CBSE Guidelines and New Initiatives
  • Service Rules, Pay-scale fixation of staff
  • Assessment & Evaluation policy
  • Regular updates via Strategum Newsletter on innovation in School Education, CBSE rules, guidelines & best practices
  • Visits of our Academic Team during the year for academic monitoring and class observation
  • Review and advice on the Academic Ecosystem
  • School Management Systems for academics and administration