The International School, Agra


  1. The client comes from a business background with a passion to establish a high quality school with emphasis on sports and all around development of child.
  2. He had approached various reputed franchise brands and was convinced that the quality of education as per his vision can be provided only when he starts school with his own brand
  3. After partial completion of school building in a 6 acre campus, client realised  that establishing the school would require much more than just construction of building. The magnitude of the work ahead including the recruitments, marketing & admissions, procurement created the need for professional management in establishing the School.
  4. Being a businessman, he was hard pressed on time and needed someone to whom he can off load the project related tasks.
  5. The client was also concerned about the capital cost and interest there on to make the project self-sufficient


  1. Strategum’s Operations Team conducted an insightful market study and prepared a detailed project report. Based on this, it was decided to build the school building in phases and consequently the first and second floor of the building was left unfurnished. This saved considerable capital and interest cost.
  2. Strategum deputed a Senior Project Manager at Agra who could facilitate all decisions on behalf of client reducing the need for deeper involvement in non-academic matters
  3. A Project Team Leader along with a Project Team of 5 experienced executives from Strategum’s Office efficiently coordinated with client on recruitments, academic planning, training, systems development, IT implementation,procurements, School Transport Planning, Admissions, Counselling, Digital Marketing, etc.
  4. In order to give a boost to sports in school, Strategum facilitated tie up with India’s leading sports company KOOH Sports. The former Indian Cricket Team Physiotherapist John Glouster was invited to launch the School along with ?……..
  5. We had also set up an admissions office in the heart of city to ensure convenience of parents walkins and admissions counselling


  1. The Project was delivered with optimal planning of capital investment and ensuring efficient utilisation of space built.
  2. The School has achieved excellence in Sports with over 25 students from TISA winning laurels for School in State Level and National Level championships in sports like badminton, football, table tennis, etc
  3. TISA today has over 500 students clearly winning in the highly competitive market of Agra dominated by missionary schools

Project Details

Date : 2015

Client : Shanta Educational Academy



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  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution

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  • Toms and family inc.
  • Bricks and woods ltd.