The 7 S’s of Project Based Learning

Project based learning method enables a student to acquire an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of disciplines. Most teachers and schools find it difficult to implement it in their existing curriculum. How can an existing CBSE/ ISCE school compete with a new International School if they do not adapt? Lets look at how to

Flipped Class Room

Strategum Eduserve has been advocating the concept of Flipped Classrooms to teachers of schools it has consulted. A lot of people too are talking about this, let us look into what flipped classroom really is all about, its advantages and should you as a teacher try out this for your students. The flipped classroom is

Top 10 IB Schools in India

Best IB Schools in India? Is IB School good? How to start IB school in India? The number of IB Schools in India is growing exponentially India today has over 150 IB Schools with Maharashtra leading the number with 51 schools. Not just IB but other international boards like CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and Edexcel

School Franchise vs Starting your own school in India?

As Education Partners, Strategum Team is often asked the unavoidable question: Is it better to take a franchise of a school or start your own school?? Well, there is no simple answer to this all-important question from the perspective of the Investor. The success of DPS Society’s Schools in the recent past seems to have

Is Technology in Education a step towards progression?

The introduction of technology in the field of education has played a major role in facilitating the teaching practices and methodologies of teachers and practitioners all around the globe. Students get a chance to interact with their surroundings and not just be enclosed within the four walls of the classroom. A lot of websites online

How to open a CBSE, ICSE or IB School in India?

For a country to be called as developed, all people must be civilized. The first step to make it possible is through education so that it eradicates the ignorance of people leading towards development of a nation. Running a school is considered a not-for-profit venture, but you just need to look around to see that

Do you Own A School?

If you already own a school or a college and wish to take our services to expand further, please contact us.

Planning A School?

If you are interested to Start or Manage a school, college, university, vocational training institutes anywhere in India? We will help you achieve that.

The association with Marwah studios and Strategum is over three years now. We are very happy with their work. The whole team is so professional, you can trust in them and they are really efficient. Anything to do with education in India – only one person Mr. Yeshwanth!

Mr. Akshay Marwah
Director, Marwah Studio, Noida & AAFT University