“From Thought to Finish”

Right from advising you on feasibility of your dream project, to actually getting it established till revenues start rolling in!. Just read the small case below to get a clearer picture on what Strategum can do for you. You have dream up a world-class educational institution. And you want this dream to be realized – fast, sure, cost- effectively and without disturbing you in your current engagements. Strategum enters the scene. We develop the complete project plan – including viability and feasibility reports, 10 years projection, researched advise on statutory approvals and recognition, suggestions on grants and aids possible and a detailed Project Implementation Program.

  • We also help you empanel architects, construction engineers, interior designers and equipment vendors.
  • We identify foreign universities and institutions that can collaborate and add value.
  • We begin creating your Brand Identity and start subtle and discreet promotion of your institution among key stakeholders.
  • We strategically define education programs that are revenue-centric and yet unique and value-adding for the society.
  • We engineer curricula, design organization structure, recruit faculty and staff, define academic quality parameters, design administrative systems and processes.
  • We develop and implement strategic marketing and sales programs and help you conduct admissions for your very first session.

Your dream institution has started its life. Without the usual trials and tribulations In fact, we continue to remain associated with your institution and work on its brand and operations so that you can expand fast and successfully, if you want – say – by taking the franchising route. We actually handhold you throughout this complex expansion process. Of course, we are there to help you out in all other problems you may have in the running of your institution.

The uniqueness of our consulting firm is a total multi-phase and multidimensional solution in the educational industry which none other in this sector provide. Also we assist our clients in each of the above areas by building a continuous lifetime relationship for managing existing as well as new educational institutions.

Do you Own A School?

If you already own a school or a college and wish to take our services to expand further, please contact us.

Planning A School?

If you are interested to Start or Manage a school, college, university, vocational training institutes anywhere in India? We will help you achieve that.

The association with Marwah studios and Strategum is over three years now. We are very happy with their work. The whole team is so professional, you can trust in them and they are really efficient. Anything to do with education in India – only one person Mr. Yeshwanth!

Mr. Akshay Marwah
Director, Marwah Studio, Noida & AAFT University